How to get from Liverpool airport to Preston

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Okay, so just took off with the plane and you are full of excitement to get to Preston as fast as you can! Good for you!


First, certainly, you need to find your 20 kilos luggage and find an exit. Just before you leave airport, you might be tempted to try takeaway at the airport. My suggestion is DO NOT DO THAT. The reasons are simple - price and your time. So, just try to have some sandviches, and keep your money for travelling, it is quite expensive in England. (around for a bus from airport to train station) and around 10£ for the train from Liverpool to Preston.


Next, I will write step-by-step how to get to the Liverpool train station.


1. Look for all the bus stops outside the airport.

2. Find buses which go to Lime street , as you it is close to the train station.00; 80A these are the buses which you can take. The buses go like every 10-12 minutes.

3. When you see the bus stopping - step in and ask the driver for a ticket to the lime street .

N.B. If you do not understand, don't be shy to ask driver to repeat

5. The journey will last around 30-45 minutes depending on traffic. It might last 2 hours, but it is unlikely.

6. You will notice when the bus will enter Liverpool city centre - tall buildings, lots of traffic, people etc.

7. Ask the driver to shout you when the bus will reach the lime street .

8. When you get out of the bus, ask any person for directions to the train station.

It is a big nice building, mainly out of glass. An you will hear trains roaring as well ;)

9. When you enter the train station, find the cash desk and ask for a ticket to Preston.

10. The journey will last about 60-90 minutes

11. Ask any person for directions to the university.


An alternative way:


1. Get out of the airport

2. Look for a taxi

3. Ask a taxi driver how much is it to go to Preston (I think it should be around 40-50£ but I am not sure)

4. Enjoy your ride ;)


If you are lost, just ask anyone in the street if they can help you. Do not be shy :) Other way is to contact me on the phone :) Which you can get when you contact me via email.



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